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The primary goal of the Faculty is to provide professional education essential to those who aspire to positions of responsibilities in business, government, education and community service. Such professional education equips the graduates with a broad background of general know-ledge and special training which includes an understanding of the philosophical, social, and economic foundation of a pre-industrial society, a complex of cognitive and social skills, and capability in decision making in the face of uncertainty.

The Faculty also responds to the local need. Its instructional programs seek to supply superior leadership and professional manpower to the community. Research and service functions of the Faculty are focused on the improvement of information base and the technical efficiency of local business firms as well as other organizations.

Organization: The faculty consists of 7 departments where programs of studies for a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.There are majors to offer as following.

  Department of Accounting

 Department of Business Computer

 Department of Finance and Banking

 Department of Industrial Management

 Department of International Business Management

 Department of Marketing

 Department of Personnel Administration

Faculty of Business Administration offers:

1. Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc.)

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A), in the following specialization.

2.1 Accounting

2.2 Business Computer

2.3 Finance and Banking

2.4 Industrial Management

2.5 International Business Management

2.6 Marketing

2.7 Personnel Administration

3. International Program

Bachelor of International Business Administration (B.B.A)